Why Leakproof?

Why Leakproof?

What is it with leakproof?

In 2021, we saw a spike in leakproof reusable products, and here at Ola we are still seeing it. Why, you may ask? Well, let us answer some of those questions for you.

What are leakproof and reusable products?

There is a range of different types of leakproof and reusable products on the market, ranging from leakproof underwear to reusable menstruation cups. Many brands offer different flow options and size options depending on what your body requires.

Why are leakproof reusable products on such a rise?

Landfill. We are all finally listening and understanding the extent of the impact sanitary items have on our land and in our seas. A sanitary pad alone takes 300-500 years to decompose. With so many millions of women menstruating in the world, you can only imagine the damage we are leaving behind. In another perspective, for one pad, it will still be here well after us! Wouldn't you rather leave a better mark on the earth than a pad?

Will leakproof underwear really protect me?

Yes. We were all on the skeptical sidelines when they first emerged. But the truth is our grandmothers or great-grandmothers used them. Single-use pads became a luxury item many couldn't afford, so they would use rags. Now, fast forward to now, thankfully practices have changed and the design behind them has come a long way. Our leakproof underwear is designed to hold up to 8 tablespoons of liquid!

How do I know when I need to change them?

Leakproof underwear shouldn't feel "wet" to wear. If they do, then you definitely need to change them. Otherwise, we suggest changing them depending on your flow. For heavy bleeders, we suggest changing them every 3-4 hours during the day. You can wear them all night long for a more comfortable sleep, changing them when you wake up. Simply purchase a little waterproof bag and put a spare pair in. Change them where you can and put the used ones zipped up in the bag to take home and wash. Our leakproof underwear is odor-free, so you won't smell them!

Eww, how do you wash them?

I get it, it sounds gross, but it's really not. We find that many of our customers just take them off and put them in the bottom of their shower, rinsing them under the water until it runs clear and they're ready to be washed in a regular load of laundry. We do not recommend using the dryer on them as it could interfere with the protection layers.

Tell me, how is this better than tampons and pads?

It's simple—one pair of leakproof underwear, if washed and cared for as a delicate item, can last up to 1 year. Say you have your period for 5 days every month, that's 60 days of the year—ugh. 60 days, and let's say you use 8 pads a day, that's 480 pads you are throwing away in a year. They may be small, but they add up when you consider how many women use them.

Are leakproof underwear unhygienic?

Definitely not, if you purchase the correct type. You need to know who you are buying from, Know that they have researches what has gone into making them, what technology has been used, and what their product offers. Ola! See our leakproof range here

How often do I replace my leakproof underwear?

We recommend replacing all underwear between 3-6 months for hygienic reasons. However, they can definitely last a lot longer if they've been well cared for. Some people have used theirs for 2 years—the same pair.

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