Lets talk about impact and sustainability....


Sustainability to us became apparent when we first started researching and developing our company. Though we do our absolute best to ensure we are manufacturing and producing quality products with minimising their environmental imprint on this world.

Being a small business in a product based industry can be frightening when it comes to sustainability, we have manufacturers and large organisations that we have to trust and rely on to ensure they’re doing their best!

So with that said, here at Ola we will do what we can do from our end.



With packaging being one of the most found items in the bin waste, on the streets or in the sea. We did the best we could to eradicate that by ensuring we use the products that can be reused or recycled.

We use 100% biodegradable postage bags to post your items to you.

We also decided on the minimalist approach with our own packaging to pack your supplies up in.

We currently use reusable bags in two sizes, a card and your receipt of purchase. 

For single item purchases we use a resealable single use bag.

We don’t have swing tags on our products as this also helps reduce our environmental footprint - no matter how small it all counts. 



Whilst here in Australia we are doing our best to make sure our products are being made with the best material we can find this can include using recycled materials when we can. 

Because our products are specialised in nature and need to be made offshore, We have made sure we use local Australian companies for our packaging. Ensuring we still play our part by keeping jobs in Australia.

Through out the year we make contributions and run promotions in which support various local and Australia wide charities. Through out the year we randomly include our faulty stock that is still wearable (ie a small pen mark etc) in packages for our loyal customers this is a way we reduce landfill and give back to our community.

Let us be completely honest, we are still learning and growing as a company we are always looking at ways to improve our impact & sustainability practices. We don't have all the solutions right now but we truly believe that progress towards our goals is better than waiting on perfection. We thank you for your support whilst we grow & learn.