Post-C-Section Healing: High Waisted Underwear for a Smooth Recovery

Post-C-Section Healing: High Waisted Underwear for a Smooth Recovery

The Power of High Waisted Underwear for Healing

Congratulations on your new baby! While you're busy mastering the art of parenting, don't forget about taking care of yourself, especially your cesarean incision. Many focus on preventing infections and wound closure, but what about your recovery and pain-free living?

We got the best recommendation from a perinatal therapist to help your incision heal while minimising swelling and pain. The secret weapon we're exploring today is underwear!

High waisted underwear is your best friend after a cesarean surgery. It provides gentle compression to the swollen area, promoting faster recovery. Opting for high waisted leakproof underwear that not only sits comfortably but also protects, with an absorbent gusset for those postpartum leaks.

Avoid low waisted underwear as they may compress the wrong area, causing more swelling and discomfort. Accumulated swelling can even contribute to the dreaded "C-section shelf" !

During the first three months, when your body is still recovering and swollen, consider sizing up by one size for optimal comfort

Remember to pack high waisted underwear in your hospital bag. Combine the right underwear with taking care of yourself from the inside, rest and when you are given the all clear to incorporate regular movement into your day will support your healing body.

Always listen to your body and choose what feels most comfortable for you. Your recovery matters, so give it the care and attention it deserves.

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