NDIS Consumables - Leakproof Underwear

NDIS Consumables - Leakproof Underwear

Incontinence is no laughing matter, but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun while discussing it! So let's talk about leakproof/incontinence underwear, and how it can help make life with incontinence a little bit easier.

First off, what is leakproof underwear? It's underwear that's specifically designed to absorb and contain urine, helping to prevent leaks and keep you feeling dry and comfortable. And the best part? The NDIS provides funding for its purchase, so you can get the incontinence underwear you need without breaking the bank.

Now, you might be thinking: "But wait, I thought the NDIS only covered boring medical supplies. Can I really get funding for incontinence underwear?" The answer is yes! The NDIS provides funding for consumables, which are items that are used up or require replacement on a regular basis. Incontinence underwear falls into this category, so if you need it to manage your incontinence, you can get NDIS funding for it.

The amount of funding provided will vary depending on your NDIS plan and your specific needs. To purchase Ola Leakproof underwear through your NDIS you can choose to self-manage your funding and purchase it yourself. Just make sure to discuss your needs and eligibility with your NDIS planner or support coordinator.

Our leakproof underwear is a great option for those with incontinence who want to stay dry and comfortable. And with NDIS funding, it's more accessible than ever. So don't be shy, give it a try!

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